Sports Viewing Requests

I have a couple of feature requests for viewing sports.

First, I really like the skip forward feature while watching recorded sporting events. It would be very useful to have a bit more granular skip forward control. Specifically a skip forward of 20 or 25 seconds would be nice.

Second has to do with watching live tv. When there are multiple games on, I am often switching back and forth between 2,3,4 games. To do this, I typically use the quick guide. This is fine but it is hard when the channels are very far apart (TVE channels vs HD Homerun channels). It would be very nice to have a Recent section in the quick guide. It would show that last 10 or so accessed channels. Something like this would save quite a few clicks/scrolls when switching between a handful of channels.

If you have Channel Collections set up, you can have the Quick Guide set to show your current collection. Then when you want to do your sport watching, change the guide to the collection with your sports channels, and the Quick Guide will only contained your curated sports networks.

Thx for the tip on collections. Am I correct in that I would need to go to the webpage to create a new collection every time I have 3-4 channels I would like to jump back and forth on? The channels that have the games varies enough that creating just a sports collection would still have quite a few channels in it. I suppose it would still be more efficient than having to scroll through all of the channels.

The built-in sports filter is also not ideal because sometimes the games run over the guide time and then the channel needed gets filtered out.