Spotty seek behavior

I have been encountering a strange behavior for the last week or so. First some basic info:

  • Apple TV 4k
  • Wired gigabit LAN
  • using the latest Channels app on the Apple TV

The behavior is what I'll call spotty seeking. I'll be watching a show that has been recorded on my Channels DVR server, but when I click the right or left side of the touchpad to initiate seek (30 seconds forward or 7 seconds back), I'll maybe be able to do that once or twice, but it'll ignore my additional button presses unless I click the center of the touchpad first (initiating a Pause), and then un-pausing again. The light on the Apple TV box blinks when I'm clicking to initiate a seek, so I know it's registering a button press. Once or twice I've seen the spinner in the timeline when it ignores my request. I'm just not sure why Channels isn't seeking.

All other Channels functions seem to work. I'm able to manually seek by holding down the right or left side of the touchpad, or clicking pause and grazing the touchpad to go to a specific point in the show.

I just now went and clicked Submit Diagnostics. I don't know what else to do at this point.


Does it work more reliably if you use the seek buttons on the remote widget from an iPhone?

Yes. I have no problems when using the remote widget on my iPhone.

Continuing the discussion from Spotty seek behavior:

I have the exact same issue, seems to have happened when I updated to the latest tvOS...

My other ATV’s in the house still work fine as I haven’t updated them yet...

What version of the Channels app? Beta or regular app?

I started noticing some issues after tvOS 13 also, but I am using the beta app.

I’m on tvOS 13.0 using channels app 3.2.27.

We've released v3.2.28 to the App Store with a fix.

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