SSD storage works great


I just moved my DVR drive from a 5400 rpm 2 Tbyte to a 123 Gbyte SanDisk. The video performance improved 2000 %. No more pixelation and smearing of big blocks of color. However the lip syncing is off by roughly 1 second. Can You explain why the video improvement? Can you suggest how to fix the lip syncing?

iMac with channels DVR server-USB 3.1 storage in both cases rotating drive and SSD-Apple TV 4k


As a follow up I changed Audio Format from. Automatic to 16 bits on the ATV. This corrected the 1 to 2 second lip sync problem. The picture remained great. A notable side effect is that connecting stereo HomePods to the system changed from selecting (This is the lip sync problem )Audio Output in the AV then selecting Apple TV to HDMI then activating the HomePod connection--------(this is the good method)to push the Home button on the remote then holding the pause/play button until a screen pops up that allows the Apple TV and the Home Pods to be associated.