Stack Duplicates Not Working by Guide Data


I'm having difficulty with stacking duplicate channels by guide data all of a sudden. I verified that it was selected properly on the clients. I tried on both iOS and TVOS and channels weren't stacking (and even forced the selection through the new clients page on the DVR). I also deleted and rebuilt the guide database. Any ideas or suggestions?

Logs have been submitted: dc84e7a0-c9bd-414a-95af-cebb633d5f00


Was it working in the past?

Which channels and sources are you expecting to be combined?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I believe it has always worked since I started using Channels. Once you updated with the stacking option, I had to find it and change it from channel number to guide data, but thatworked until a recent update (I'm not exactly sure which one.) I'm looking for my OTA HDHRs and Prime HDHR to stack mainly the network channels (2.1 & 1002, 8.1 & 1008, 11.1 & 1011, etc.).

Can you submit diagnostics from the Apple TV

They have been submitted.

Having the same issue

Appears to have changed when upgrading from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 on TVOS

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It appears to working again with the latest tvOS Beta. Thanks for the quick work!

I see the same problem, but I’m not on the betas. Suspect it stopped working after 4.4.3 as was previously fine until a few days ago. In my case I have SatIP channels via custom channels in addition to hdhomerun, so grouping by matching guide data allowed them to be “merged”. Now get one row for each channel irrespective of Stack Duplicates setting which used to make difference as to what it was set to, but no longer.

Weirdly if I go to Live TV tab of DVR and pick only the SatIP source, that also looks messed up, with channels numbers not associated with SatIP source. Couldn’t tell you if that is different for sure, but I think it is.

Stacked duplicates issue seems resolved in Apple TV 4.5.0

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