Standard Definition "Stretches"



I know there used to be a topic on this, but for the life of me, I can't find it. Has any work been performed to figure out why, when viewing a standard def channel, it stretches that 480p content to fill the screen? This isn't being done by the TV or by the Android TV as I've tested it across 3 TV's (2 LG and 1 Vizio) and 3 different Android TV boxes (Shield, Mi Box S, Nexus Player) and they all behave identically. It appears to be the Channels software that stretches the 480p content to fill 'wide screen'...

Thank you!


Yeah it’s terribly annoying when a 4:3 programmes are stretched :frowning:


This is happening also on the TV Everywhere channels as well (those sent in SD like Buzzr).