Standard Definition "Stretches"


I know there used to be a topic on this, but for the life of me, I can't find it. Has any work been performed to figure out why, when viewing a standard def channel, it stretches that 480p content to fill the screen? This isn't being done by the TV or by the Android TV as I've tested it across 3 TV's (2 LG and 1 Vizio) and 3 different Android TV boxes (Shield, Mi Box S, Nexus Player) and they all behave identically. It appears to be the Channels software that stretches the 480p content to fill 'wide screen'...

Thank you!

Yeah it’s terribly annoying when a 4:3 programmes are stretched :frowning:

This is happening also on the TV Everywhere channels as well (those sent in SD like Buzzr).

The latest beta app on the Play Store ( adds a Stretch To Fit setting for the Video Player.

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You guys are seriously the best!

I have the latest beta, but I'm not seeing this option anywhere. Where is it located?

It's enabled on the client, not the server.

Yup, that's where I'm looking. I don't see the option.

It's under Settings > Player > Video > Stretch to Fit

What version is shown in the app?

I don't have a "video" option under player. Running 905061 according to the About screen. Don't have an update waiting in the Play Store.

9052255 is the latest build

Ah! I can't see the last digit on my build...but either way, that's definitely off! Hopefully the Play Store will alert me soon. Thank you!

Well good news is, it updated on my phone and looks fantastic!!! Just waiting for my Shield TV to get it. Thanks again for making this work!

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This doesn't appear to be working correctly with hardware decoding on the Shield. When Stretch to Fit is set to Off, everything that is SD gets displayed in 4:3, even true widescreen programmes, and actual 4:3 programmes gets extra-squashed. It works as expected with software decoding.

Please try with the latest beta build (9111801). The behavior between software and hardware should be identical now.

The new build is now showing 16:9 SD properly when using the hardware transcoder with stretch to fit set to off. But it still can't handle mid-stream aspect ratio changes (eg, going from 4:3 to 16:9 at an ad stays in 4:3). Perhaps just a limitation of the hardware decoder that can't be overcome?

Do you have a sample recording where this happens?

Will send you a private message with a link.