Start from beginning button timer

Would you be willing to consider adjusting how long the start from beginning button stays on the screen from what seems like 10 to 12 seconds down to 4-ish


Or an option to turn said feature off. I do a 15 min pad on the front end and usually skip 15 mins inward.

There is already an option to turn it off.

What platform are you seeing 10-12s on?

It’s currently set to 10s. This is to combat TVs that are slower to mode switch.

It would be nice to get it showing for less time though. Just to be clear, you can dismiss it with the back button on your remote.


Since you have to have a DVR to make this work.

And avoid having million options in the settings menu. Maybe put a setting for this on the service side that can be deployed.

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Or maybe I have an option for 10 seconds, 5 seconds (for those who don’t have slower TVs) or off

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Any thoughts to adjusting how long this popup stays on screen?

You can turn this off? Please tell me how to do this? I've searched for a way to disable this, but can't find it.

I think I figured it out. I had to set Resume Playback to "Automatically". Now I'm no longer seeing the prompt. Thank you!