Start-up time using Tailscale

I implemented the beta release to support Tailscale. After doing this, whenever I turn on channels on Apple TV--it seems to take forever (maybe a minute) prior to starting up. I see "preparing your tv" for a long time. Is this a function of the Tailscale implementation or Beta release? Any suggestions for making it start up quicker?

The answer depends upon your own situation:

  • If the network you are connecting to has high latency (such as remote access of some sort), it will take longer to start up. (It takes time to talk to the server to get all of the information needed for the UI.)
  • If you have many sources/channels defined, it will take longer to start up. (The client needs to process/parse all of the channels and their guide info in order to show you something.)
  • If you have a large library of recordings/imported content, it will take longer to start up. (Again, processing all of the content sent takes some time ... the more content, the more time. There have been recent improvements in this area, but a finger in a dyke cannot stop the flood.)

If you do not fit within the above categories, but are still experiencing issues, then direct contact with support—including logs—would be the best course of action. Also, additional information (such as your topography, bandwidth limits, equipment, etc.) would always be helpful when asking for help.

(Please remember that you know what your situation is, but we don't. If you want help, but don't provide specifics, you only get guesses in return.)


Not sure if this will work on an Apple TV using the built-in Channels Tailscale, but the devs would know,

Is your Apple TV at a remote location from your server or are you just testing locally?

If you're local and have access to your DVR Server (or a device with a browser and running Tailscale on the same network as the DVR Server) you can run a speedtest over your Tailnet to the Apple TV.
Of course when using Tailscale, you need a device on your Tailnet with a browser to perform the speedtest from.
You would enter the Tailnet IP of your Apple TV (without the port number).
So, http://x.x.x.x/speedtest where x.x.x.x is the Tailnet IP of the Apple TV.
How can I test the network speed at my TV?

It may be that Tailscale has nothing to do with the length of time required to start up ("preparing your TV" screen). Would like to come up with ways to make it start up more quickly.

I have great bandwidth--so this is not an issue. I do have several sources and quite a few recordings. That being said, it was only after the software update that included Tailscale that I noticed the slowdown (although Tailscale itself likely had nothing to do with it).


115 channels


351 channels

HDFX-4K (10A0A5EE)

209 channels on

Fox Weather

1 channel


103 channels

YouTube TV

163 channels

I have Tailscale setup in the non beta and theres no lag at all.