Startup Live TV

I'm getting some inconsistent behavior when I choose "Live TV" under the start up section in settings.

If I previously was watching live tv it starts up the live tv when I reopen the app.

However, if I was previously looking at the guide when I exited the app then it shows the guide when I reopen the app.

Is this supposed to happen?

Is there a way to always have live tv start when you open the app?

I believe that happens because the APP is still running in the background ... and that setting only works on initial startup. You would have to completely shutdown the APP.

With that logic it should work on At "launch and resume" setting but it does not. At least on the ATV.

It does start in live tv when I double tap the home button on the Apple TV remote and swipe up to closes the Channels app.

Yes that will do it but not a useful feature it's easier to hit one the channel on the guide or hold the menu button wile you are on live tv to leave the Channels app.