Startup not loading into "Guide" on app launch / resume


When I try to select "Guide" on startup behaviour, the setting changes are not applied. Each time I load the app, it defaults to "up next"?

Version 4.3.0 (October 30th, 2020)

new Choose a section for the app to start on every time it is launched or resumed.

Can anyone help?


Define “start up”

Is this a cold boot or the app or are you exiting and re-entering the app.

The app needs to be backgrounded for more than 60s for this behavior happens.

I have tried both. The same thing happens on cold reboot & when i exit & re-enter the app.

Ok, we’ll check it out.


If you need logs of anything just let me know.

I’m having this happen with the latest version updated just now.

I’ve force quit channels, opened and it loads the ‘on now’ section, not guide as set.

I don’t know if this was working on not prior to this most recent update. The new features prompted me to go digging in the app settings and thought I’d give this a go.