STARZ as a source

Can anyone tell me if I get STARZ as a add on say on Philo will the channel come into the guide. I just looks at my Philo and out out 63 channels only 28 came into the channels guide. I currently pay direct to stars but would like everything in the guide. Thanks

No, see here

Starz and other premium networks are not supported. Also, there are no plans to add support for premium networks in the near future.

Philo lists Starz and Epix as TVE sources on all platforms.

I've been meaning to use the free trial and see if they appear in the Channels DVR. Has anyone tried this yet that might be able to confirm?

They may work in the Philo app, but they will not work in Channels.
Channels does not support Premium content like Starz or DRM cable channels from an HDHR Prime tuner.

Thanks to everyone. Saves me time and effort.