Stations not in guide on some clients

I have 2 tuners set up. An HD Homerun and Locast.
Several clients, all Nvidia Shield devices and PC Chrome browser

All stations for the HD homerun show up in the guide for all clients. Locast on the other hand does not. Its not even consistent. Some clients have some of the locast channels and not others. Some of the clients have none of the locast channels. The Chrome browser shows all of them.

Why are they showing different and how do I get them to all show up on all clients?

The client will combine the same channel from multiple sources into one guide entry, based upon the client's priority. So if you have NBC on both your OTA tuner and Locast, and your OTA tuner is listed first, then only the NBC channel from OTA will show in the guide. However, if all of your OTA tuners are in use and you attempt to view NBC, the system will tune it using Locast.

Clients will always combine the same channel into the higher priority tuner's when viewing the guide; the DVR's web UI will never combine channels in the guide.

Thanks. But then that leads to something else wrong.

First for the clients that have some locast channels and not others, the missing ones are duplicates so that makes sense. Other clients are showing NONE of the locast channels.

Second and the reason I found this to begin with is all tuners on the HDHomerun were busy and we got an error that all tuners were in use. The client appeared to make no attempt to tune the locast version of the same NBC station.

How do I trouble shoot and fix both these issues?

Is the Locast source enabled on the client that displays none of those channels?

When you attempted to view NBC, was it from the guide, or the "On Now" section? The "On Now" section of Favorites are tied to a specific tuner, so if you selected NBC on an OTA tuner that way, that would account for the lack of tuners.

What do your logs say? Do you have tuner sharing enabled?

Locast source is enabled in the Channels DVR server. Did not know there was a way to enable or disable it on each client. Where is that?

We are attempting to view from the guide. We almost never use the 'On Now' function.

I do not see a setting for tuner sharing, where is that located? Was only one client in use at the time anyway.

Thanks for your assistance.

I'm wondering if this is a bug. I had a random loss of some channels on my living room TV but I think they were working on the bedroom TV. I'll try to pay more attention to it the next time it happens if it does.

To enable/disable sources, for Android clients it is under the Tuner page under the Settings section. Tuner sharing can be found under DVR. (I believe those are the proper titles, but I'm away from home right now and operating on memory. However, most of the settings on the client are pretty self-explanatory.)