Status/Progress icon not being updated (Recordings)

I notice that the Green/Red Status icon (circle) next to a Recording is not being updated.
I have to fully close out of the app and re-open it for it to update.
Once i do that, things update fine.
But after a while, after there are new recordings, it does not update again.


A completed recording, the green circle is not filled in, I watch several minutes of the program, pause, then back out to the Recent Recordings page, it is still empty.
I close out of the app, (Home 2x, up), re-open, go to Recordings page, and the icon shows as partially filled in.

It is also the case for In-progress Recordings. It does not update unless i close the app, then re-open.

App version: Beta 8.29.2159
Apple TV

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I've noticed this also. Sometimes I've seen it update without restarting. It just takes a long time.

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Can you submit diagnostics from the app after you're experienced this? I just tried to go to the Recent Recordings view, start a recording from the web, and cancel the recording from the web, and all of those things were immediately updated in the app.

Are you at home? Away from home? Connecting over Tailscale?

Just did.
i don't have any new recordings atm, but restored a few from trash, marked as unwatched.
Dr. Pol episodes
FF several min in, pause, back out, Page not updated.
2nd recording, FF 31 min in, watched a fin min, same thing, Circle not updated.
The SWAT recording, won't update the Circle at all if i mark it as Watched or Unwatched.

After i full close the app it updates.

I also just skiped through about 10 min or so of the SWAT recording, and notice the Server GUI, updates in real time, watch progress. I backed out of the playback on the ATV and the Recordings page did not update progress. Submitted diags again. (think i have sent 3 or 4 sets)

Ah, I see. I didn’t catch you were referring to watch state. I’ll see if I can repro that.

This still an issue on 9.18.1700

Also on 09.21.2256

This is happening again since the last couple beta apps.

Currently on 2.18.2130

Watch a recording program, and the watch/progress indictor on the Recordings screen is not updating unless i fully close out the app and re-open.