Stop stream without using back button?

random question: is there a way to stop the stream on the android app without using the back button? my mom is coming to visit and i'm wanting to lock her into the channels app so she can record whatever she wants without taking up the 20 hours on our cloud DVR, but it seems the only way i can get out of a live stream is to press back...which also would go back out of the app if in the right spot.

the fire tv app seems to recognize the stop button as a way of stopping the stream, but the android app does not. is there any way to make this happen on android?

I'm not sure I understand. Back should take you back to the Channels app from the player

it does...but if you're not in a stream the back button exits out of the app entirely.

what i'm asking for is a way to stop the stream without exiting the that i can disable the back button on my harmony remote and prevent my mom from backing out of the app and getting herself confused. this seems to be possible on the fire stick - when i press stop on my harmony which sends the stop command to the fire stick, the stream stops...but if i press it when i'm on the guide or elsewhere in the app, nothing happens. this is the behavior i am wanting to see on android.

however, if i press stop on the harmony when my android tv is active, nothing happens. back exits the stream, yes...but it also exits the app if you press it multiple times while not in a stream. if the stop button worked as the fire stick does, i could disable the back button and effectively lock the app on screen. that's what i'm looking to do.

Okay I think I understand.

We can probably wire up the stop button into the player.

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