Storage devices flash card vs flash drive vs USB harddive

Since first setting up my dvr server I've had various issues with everything working perfectly. 1st pc randomly shuts off, 2nd pc won't play live stream or saved program from browser, random signal strength on certain channels, switched from wifi to ethernet, usb2 vs usb3...

So I've been looking for NAS devices but I'm going to try to install dvr server on my android tv or tivo stream 4k first.

Now im looking at storage devices and wanting to use something I already have.

Any recommendations on what is best to use or what shouldn't work:
Flash card with USB adapter
Flash drive
USB hard drive(usb 2 vs USB 3)
Solid state drive

I've been told in the past that all flash storage eventually fails and they are not designed to be constantly written to/read like a traditional hard drive. Is that true or still the case with current devices?

If the server will run on android tv, will it run on Android(box or phone)?

I'm running the DVR server on an NVidia Shield with a Western Digital 2 TB. USB 3.0 drive connected as external storage. I've had no issues with this set-up over the past 3+ months that it has been set-up.

A Western Digital 8 TB USB 3.0 drive as external storage on a Mac Mini 2018 here. Works extremely well for Channels DVR, etc. Up and running since Feb. 2019.