Storage on HDHomerun required?

I just ordered (an hour ago) a, "SiliconDust HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro OTA DVR Recorder with 4 TV Tuners & 1TB of Recording Storage" However, I ordered that before deciding on purchasing channels and installing the DVR server.

I have tons of extra disk and I also have a WDMycloud with 2 drives and 3TB of storage.

So my question is, is there any value in the HDHomerun having it's own storage? I can likely cancel the order and get the other model that doesn't have a hard drive.

The Scribe is intended for the SiliconDust DVR service. If you're going to install Channels on your own NAS, you don't need a Scribe. You want a Connect Quatro. That's what I'm using.


Channels (or likely any other software) cannot Accra and make use of the Scribe's (or Servio's) internal storage. The Scribe will only appear to Channels as a tuner, not storage.

Thanks guys. I cancelled it and will order the Connect Quadro


Which version of My cloud? Not all are compatible with Channels

That's only if he wants to install Channels on the MyCloud. Using it as storage only works well.

I could never get it to work right

Mine worked fine from what I can remember...I've since switched to a larger USB3 drive for Plex and Channels storage.