Storage quotas


I recently got a Synology DS218+ and decided to try installing Channels on it. I created a shared folder with 2TB storage quota. When I look in the DVR settings though, it shows the capacity of the entire volume (9TB). Does this mean Channels won't put the brakes on as it nears the Synology's 2TB quota? Is there a place where I can set the quota? My existing/old setup is a dedicated 2TB volume on the QNAP NAS that I have and Channels correctly reports the 2TB.

There was talk at one point about Running DVR as non-admin user on Synology DSM, which would allow you to set a quota on the user. But I don't think they have added that functionality yet. I am interested in such an option as well.

Perhaps looking at how some of the packages at SynoCommunity are handled might be a way to look into this. IIRC, when I was trying to get Tvheadend running on my Synology, they use a media type of group, and packages are run as their own user as well as being a member of this group, to aid in sharing of resources between packages.

I would use their spksrc repository as a starting point.

Would it be possible to add the option to manually specify how big the volume is? I know it's not the ideal solution, but it would at least get around the issue.