Running DVR as non-admin user on Synology DSM

Hi, there! I’m running the Channels DVR server on my Synology DS916+ via the Package Center, so the process runs under my admin user, which seems less safe considering it has a web server that’s exposed to the internet.

I’m wondering if anyone knows if/how it’s possible to run the DVR under a user account that’s more locked down (i.e., can’t access my data) and whether it’s really necessary.

So far, it seems like the only way would be to set up a trigger task that runs as a specific user on startup, but for that I would need to know the command line that runs the server. (Anyone know what that is?)


Do you know of other packages that use non-admin user?

Do they generally create a user?

I’m new to Synology, myself, so I don’t have an authoritative answer. A first round of Googling didn’t turn up anything so far.

I don’t see a way to run packages from Package Center if I log in as a non-admin user, but it looks like there’s a separate http user group (available by default) for running web servers for hosting websites. Those are exposed more as services in DSM rather than normal apps, though.

I have, however, seen discussions where other users run their processes as role accounts. It just seems like this may not be a common enough use case for DSM to expose in its UI.

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Okay I can do some research too and see what the DSM developer docs say about it.

According to this discussion on the Synology forum, the third-party package Subsonic creates a user during installation that can be assigned permissions in DSM. (The relevant reply is towards the middle.)

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I found some more examples of how to do this in the documentation.

I agree this is worth having and plan to update the SPK so a separate user is used by default. Should have some time early next week.

Very cool. Thanks for looking into this!

Hello again- I wanted to ask if this was available yet in the latest package. Thanks!

Not yet. I’m going to order a Synology this week so I can figure this out.

I ran into an issue yesterday that highlighted one of the drawbacks to running as a root user:

The disk on which Channels DVR was installed (/volume1) crashed last week, but I was able to copy all of my recordings over to a new drive (/volume4) and reinstalled the Channels DVR package there. I set the DVR location to “/volume4/dvr” and the server was able to restore all of my settings from one of the backups. Everything worked until yesterday, when I rebooted the NAS.

I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems that on startup, the Channels DVR server reverted to writing recordings to “/volume1” instead of “/volume4/dvr” (I confirmed this via the UI later). Since I had removed the crashed drive, the recordings ended up being written to a folder named “/volume1” in the system partition instead of the now-gone mount point “/volume1”. The system partition soon ran out of disk space and it became impossible to log into the NAS (that’s how I first realized something was amiss). Fortunately, I had SSH enabled so I eventually diagnosed the problem and fixed it.

Can you post (or email [email protected]) the log? Would like to figure out why the path changed from /volume1 to /volume4

Fixing the root usage is still on my todo. One issue I ran into is that access to the hardware transcoder is only available as root.

The log file in the UI starts after the reboot that caused the switch to happen. Is there a longer one on disk?

Yea the full Log is on disk. You can also access http://x:8089/log?n=1000 to see more of the log

I sent an email with the logs. There’s a gap between 11/15 and 11/29 that I can’t quite explain unless the entries were being written to the folder “/volume1” (which I deleted) and the old disk before I pulled it.

Hi @tmm1 - Just wondering if there was any update here? I'd like to change the Channels DVR user on my Synology. Not only for security as mentioned above, but also because you can allocate a maximum amount of space per user. This would allow me to create a Channels user with X gb of storage and will prevent the DVR directory from growing too large.

I just switched to a new Synology for my DVR, but see that it is still running as root and ignoring the quota I set for the drive. Based on the dates, I'm guessing this goal was abandoned, but I would love to see this fixed. Seems like running anything as root is not a great security practice.

If you were able to set a quota for a particular user and DVR ran as that user, your DVR would crash and fail whenever it hit the quota.

That is true, but it might at least prevent the DVR from using up the entire disk and making DSM entirely unusable! (I ran into that problem early on as well with the DVR server and there is a post somewhere about it.)

You could always use newer Synologys' ability to run Docker, and use the --user option to run the container as a restricted user. Couple this with a shared group to facilitate access to recordings outside of the container, and you've got a pretty flexible and partitioned scheme.

I vaguely remember when I was running Plex on my Synology.
I know it ran under the username 'plex' and if the NAS's CPU supported Intel Quick Sync it could do hardware transcoding.
I think it used VAAPI on my Synology.