Storage Size Different on AppleTV vs Shield

I noticed that the 4TB HD I have connected to my Nvidia shield (hosting the DVR server) shows up as a full 4TB available within the Channels app on the Shield, but when looking at the DVR from the Apple TV it is showing 3.6TB available. Any reason for the discrepancy on allowable room?

Perhaps one is reporting TiB (base 2), as opposed to TB (base 10) on the other?

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Hmm - maybe? Seems odd that they wouldn’t just go for consistency tho. The web client actually shows a different value still at 3.7tb.

Anyone from the dev team able to chime in?

If they're using the system libraries for reporting the size of disks/folders, then it would make sense for each OS to possibly handle them differently.

I think the base differences can explain this.

1terabyte (TB) = 10^12 bytes = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes
1tebibyte (TiB) = 2^40 bytes = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes

2.58 TiB is roughly equal to 2.85 TB. I imagine that 3.6 TiB is roughly equal to 3.95 TB, but I didn't do that math to confirm.

Well, it seems then someone changed how they measure space. I believe Apple was the first to start using base 10 across their brand, and others have followed suit.

In regards to the OP, it seems the Linux-based systems are reporting sizes in base 2, while the clients (which are Apple devices) are reporting sizes in base 10.

So, the root of the discrepancy has been identified, and there is no ill intent from any party.

That would make sense - not sure why the web client via safari shows 3.7 vs the 3.6 on the Apple TVs though..?