Storage space is running out error

I have a Hisense A4 “smart tv” running Android TV version 9. The TV has 4.3 GB of internal storage, and I have only streaming applications running on it (no games, etc), in the menu it shows those apps take up 2.4 GB of space. When watching live tv via channels for an extended period of time, I get an error stating that the “Storage space is running out. Insufficient storage could cause unexpected system issues. Please free up storage by removing unused applications.” I can back out of this error screen and continue viewing normally, but the message will eventually reappear. I understand the tv buffer is stored locally, and that I’m likely a fringe use case with too little available storage, but I would have expected a more graceful method of allocating buffer space such that this error would not appear. Is there anything I can do on my end to circumvent this issue (other than not use the smart tv functionality, which at this point in time is not an option)? Is there an option to limit the size of the local buffer (I a, assuming that is what is causing this issue)? I’m not that worried about how much buffer I have for pausing/replaying - i would like some but no need for it to be super long - I would just prefer this not to appear while I’m watching the football game.

This is actually quite common with Android devices. They put paltry amounts of storage in the devices, as if they only expect you to use only 3 apps. If supported, your best option is to use a USB3 flash drive plugged into your Android device to be used as additional storage.

Channels DVR keeps the LiveTV buffer on the Client device for fast channel changing.