Strange “bug” with BBC One HD (UK)

I’ve noticed an issue, which at first completely passed me by but when it happened again today it reminded me that I’d seen it before and I should probably report it.

It seems that the signalling between the news and the HD promo reel which plays out on BBC One HD (as the BBC have not seen fit to roll out regional HD yet...) causes Channels to crash.

In practice, this means you can be watching the news (say 1 o’clock) and as the main segment ends and they switch to regional output (which on BBC One HD results in a loop of channel idents for the duration of the regional broadcast) Channels crashes/exits back to the launcher.

Thanks for reporting. Looks like the crash is in the experimental audio driver. If you switch back to the normal one it should stop happening.

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I am also having similar issues. With the experimental audio driver turned on, audio breaks up and is spotty. I have submitted debug info