Strange navigation bug, third party remote

I am using a harmony remote 650 for reference:

When scrolling through the main navigation (On Now | Guide | Recordings | DVR | Search | Settings), there is a strange bug when I quickly navigate from left to right. To be specific, I will navigate from On Now to Guide to Recordings, and it will jump back to Guide. I am seeing the same when navigating from right to left. When I quickly move from Settings to Search to DVR, it will jump back to Search. It's very odd. This has only happened in a relatively recent release. I know it didn't use to always do this. And my remote has remained the same.

That's pretty weird. We haven't touched the tab bar in a long time. It's a standard tvOS widget that we're using. Maybe the behavior changed in the latest tvOS release from a couple weeks ago?

That could definitely be. The timing lines up.