Stream glitches when changing channel

On Apple TV (4K Gen1 15.1.1 / 15.2) using HDHomerun Duo DVB-T2 in the UK.
Using channels non-DVR app since the last update when changing channels I get a frozen image of the last channel played and also randomly between 30secs and a few minutes in the stream pauses and then restarts again.

When it does this on experimental video driver it goes out of sync and I have to skip forward to bring it back. On default driver it doesn't seem to lose sync but it is behind live TV and i can skip forward to catch up.

Anyone else having an issue?

Have tried uninstalling and resetting HDHomerun.

I am seeing the same issues too. tvOS 15.2 and beta app. There’s another thread about the freeze frame issue

Please submit diagnostics after this occurs

Have done that... Thanks

What's your HDHR device id

Device ID: 1241F433

Checked and this doesn't happen with the HD Homerun app.

It didn't happen before the 5.1.1 app update, any chance of a rollback as it's very frustrating...

This isn’t a HD HomeRun error for me. It happens on streams from my tvheadend server. Seems like it’s a tvOS glitch since the new updates

Update: Just tested experimental video driver again and it seems to fix the issue. You might have to force quite the app after changing it. So there is something with the default video driver

Could you make a video of what's happening

I get it with both drivers after reboots etc. It's new to this version of the app 5.1.1 and not fixed with the tvos I update to 5.2

About 50 secs in


We couldn't find your video.

Updated link

Could you submit diagnostics as well

I did that, but it hasn't happened in a while, don't know how far back the diagnostic logs go

Edit, just submitted again as it just did it once more

Interesting it froze at exactly 22:00 in your video.

Was the recent one at 23:00?

I see the issue. It has to do with some UK transmitters which switch between interlacing and non-interlacing h264 randomly while streaming.

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Good you can see an issue. Pretty sure this was only introduced in the new update though, so is it possible to fix do you think?

All channels should be interlaced by default in the UK...

Yep, I had fixed this before, and it broke during some player upgrades in v5.1.1

It should be fixed again in the latest beta uploading now. However the betas only work for DVR users, so you may need to wait until the next release.