Stream Link Show on Web, not Android

So I've been cleaning up/setting up/converting Stream Links for everything and have been running into this odd issue. Here you can see on the Web Animaniacs (2020) is available:

The Stream Links work just fine as expected. However, on anything Android (CCWGTV, TS4K+, Phone), this and many other programs do not appear:

I cannot figure out a rhyme or reason for which shows show up and which ones don't. I'm not sure if this is happening with Movies or not because I have not looked that closely yet, but it may. During my troubleshooting, I removed all TV Stream Links, ran a Prune, let it sit for a half a day, confirmed everything was cleared out on Android and Web, and then re-added all Stream Links. I ended up exactly where I was before. That makes me think this must be server side, but I have no idea what to clear out that may be flagged.

I am currently running Server Version 2021.03.16.1916 and all of the Android apps are up to date (non-Beta or Alpha, although I checked in Beta once and it was the same).

Kids shows on Android are not listed under All Shows. This is a known issue.

Oh, I turned off Library so I never even thought to look under a different part; I always just go to "TV" directly.

What marks a show as a "kids" show? I didn't mark it that way in my Library:


Assuming this comes from the metadata somewhere, but it looks rather inconsistent. In the example above Animal Showdown is showing just fine, and I would think that would be labeled "Kids" as well. Is there a way for me to delete this flag or the backend or get Android to ignore it (even just as an option)?

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