Stream links for Live Channels (Feature Request)

Hey, I just got started and I think this is the only solution I’ve found so far that allows stream links. One thing I’m wondering upon sifting through the forums is if stream links could be created for channels like PBS that offer live channels on their respective apps and websites, but have DRM preventing full integration. I would envision it showing on the guide and bringing you to that app to watch (with of course no recording options). I’m also wondering if any users have created a Google Drive yet full of stream links that could just be copied and pasted over for each streaming service.

Have you been able to create a .strmlnk that launches the PBS app into the live feed and starts playing right away?

If so, we could maybe look into a feature for Custom Channels that link out to the same place.

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I like the idea. Im thinking of the recently DRM'd service such as Kayo. This would partly solve the playback integration.

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See Experimental: Stream Links from the Guide via Custom Channels