Stream links trouble

Im running my dvr server from my samsung tablet. Im trying to use streamlinks to add my Spider Man into the spider verse from amazon which is where i purchased it digitally. I put the files like in these images but i dont know why it does not appear in my library.

Two things:

  1. if you create folders in Imports/Movies, just use a name that does NOT end with '.strmlnk' but folders are not required for movies
  2. remove the '.txt' file extension at the end of the file name (the file extension must be '.strmlnk')
        Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse (2018).strmlnk

Now how do i get channels to recognize the streamlink?

They will be recognized when you create them correctly by fixing the mistakes noted by @mjitkop


Its not in my librrary

Did you rename the folder and rename the file? Can you post a photo of how it looks now

I checked it and i forgot a the point before strmlnk. But it got added. I have a quick question. Will streamlinks effect my dbr storage by a lot?


Just a little follow up. Storage wise, no real concerns because they are less than 1kb each. But if you have a lot of them, you may notice the app start-up time is longer. I did some math about this in the past: