Stream stops and Channels client restarts watching TV Anywhere channels (FIOS)

Good afternoon,

Switched to channels 3 months ago from Emby and its been great. Very stable compared to other platforms. I've got Fios with HDHR cable cards. My client devices are either Shield Pros or the standard Shield. I'm wired up except for 1 TV using 5Ghz WIFI. No issues watching any HDHR channels. When I tune to one of the TVAnywhere channels in the 6k I'm able to start the stream and it stays up for 2-3 mins. Then the stream stops and the Channels client restarts and takes me back to the guide. This is happening on both wired and wireless connections. Any thoughts?


Try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder to Software?

Or try the beta

Adjusting the Video Decoder settings worked. I had it set to hybrid. Thx.

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