Streaming links not working


on a Mac and have saved the streaming link files - ex. amazon: (made with text editor) with the .strmlnk extension. Saved it in a location that is not the channels directory (/users/t/streaming), but when I scan sources (maintenance) - nothing happens and no updates appear in the library channels app (iPhone). If I add the links to the channelsdvr directory, it actually scans but then indicates that the streaming link location must be outside of the channelsdvr directory. Any suggestions of what I can do to fix this? Looking to add: Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Peacock to the streaming services options.

You can add them into the Imports folder

When I add them to the imports folder (/Users/t/channelsdvr/imports/), I get this message:
Local Content directory must be separate from the configured Channels DVR storage directory....within the imports folder is (movies/tv/videos folders)...I've added the links as files within imports folder - within another folder (streaming links). Not sure what to do once the streaming file links have been added...on the settings page - local content - add local content (movies/tv/video) should I be linking the files...scanning sources with maintenance? Adding the files to the imports folder doesn't change anything....

The proper naming conventions and where to place them are in the support article:

Examples given in the article:

  • Imports/TV/The Mandalorian/Season 1/1x01.strmlnk
  • Imports/Movies/Iron Man (2008).strmlnk

The imports folder is scanned automatically so you don't need to add it

If you are trying to add the complete service to Channels I don't believe that will work.
Stream links are meant to point at specific content from those services.