Streaming Quality on Cruise ships

Cruise ships don't allow much internet so I try to set it for the lowest quality possible. However, I think audio is more important than video at 300k streaming but the audio is very bad whereas it's acceptable at 700k. Is it possible to get a streaming at 300k video with 700k audio? Or maybe a video preferred vs audio preferred but keep the streaming still at 300k but sacrifice even more video to improve the audio at same streaming rate.

Or maybe turn off the TV and enjoy that expensive cruise. Cut out the world. I have always wondered why people spend thousands on cruises to get away and relax, and then I see them sitting in the computer lounge or on their iPads all day around the ship. When we cruise the phones and other electronics go in the safe and we dont touch them till we get home. Just a thought.

Back in MY day, we didn't have iPad's or fancy cruise ships! When we went on vacation, we'd go outside and sit in the DIRT. And we LIKED it that way! Hmmmff!


In this day and age, you might get locked down on a cruise ship, so entertainment might be nice. However, rather than rely on slow/intermittent internet, why not just copy over a playlist of movies/shows to a thumb drive and then you'd have the best audio/video while locked in your cabin?

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Maybe one day soon these ships will be get starlink and provide decent internet service. Seems like an ideal application.

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I've increased the bitrate of audio at 300kbps from 32kbit to 64kbit in the latest pre-release build.

Please press-and-hold on the Check For Updates button in the Settings page of your DVR.

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Honestly I have wondered the same thing about a beach. Why the heck do people pay all this money to go to a far away place to sit on a beach facing the ocean? if the only goal was to sit on a beach looking out, clearly it could have been done cheaper. But maybe I can help you with your wonderment. for me it's doing what I enjoy. I honestly enjoy my shows I am vested in way more than going to a cruise ship night club. I am not a leave in the morning and come home at night kind of vacationer. i love my down time Catching up on my shows is what I do as my form of entertainment. What you are trying to say is you don't understand why people don't have the same form of entertainment that you do. Personally if I didn't take anything electronic I would end up sleeping most of the time to drive off being so bored. but I guess I would have meet your requirement of no electronics.. I just replace that time with more sleep.

I think they have fast enough speeds now... they just want you to pay for it. it actually wasn't "horrible" and worked until IT decided they didn't want me doing it and blocked the app... Doh.. oh well. it worked 5 out of 7 days...

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i think I noticed a difference between pre testing and when I was on the boat. the sound was much better. and even better once connected to an external speaker vs using the iphone. it would have been better if there was a way to allocate storage on the iphone as a buffer to help with the dropouts. some pauses lasted for a few min and some a few seconds. I'd much rather have paused it for 5-10 min to get a nice buffer and then play with less chance of pausing the program.

Yeah. Guess I was assuming everyone was acting in good faith and just trying to have a good provider/consumer relationship. Big mistake as always.

Depending on the amount of free disk space on your device it will use up to 16GB of storage for buffering. If you do pause it for that period of time it will be buffering while it’s paused.