Streaming Quality setting


I have an old HDHomeRun DUAL and MBP with the DVR software, and I would like to understand how the iOS app Streaming Quality setting affects where transcoding is taking place.

Does live viewing come directly from the HDHR or does it go via the DVR software, and/or does the Streaming Quality setting "Home Streaming" in the iOS Channels app affect this?

Also, does the Streaming Quality setting "Home Streaming" in the iOS Channels app specify how recorded playback from the DVR is served to the iOS app?

If I get an HDHR Extend then where/what setting would tell it what transcoding setting to use for live viewing and recording (setting directly on the device or trough the DVR and/or iOS app)?

So far my Streaming Quality setting "Home Streaming" is set to Original and it works fine on my wired ATV and wifi iOS devices (except for some wifi video playback stuttering a couple of weeks ago but after running wifi speed tests and switching iOS devices from 2.4 to 5 GHz it seems to have gone away).



Normally the app will talk directly to HDHR to stream the video, decode it and display it on the screen.

If you enable Tuner Sharing, the video is streamed via the DVR but still in its original format.

If you set Streaming Quality to anything other than Original, that enables transcoding on the DVR server. The DVR will then take the video, decode it, scale it down, and re-encode it at the requested bitrate in the H264 codec.

With an EXTEND, there's an additional setting available both in the apps and the DVR that lets you select what format to request from the HDHR in the first place.