Streaming recording on LAN to IPAD


Hi. Is there any way I can improve my streaming quality in house, without having to lower the quality? It does eventually settle down but takes quite a while to do so. I’m recording pretty much everything in HD
Watching on an Ipad Air.


You can upgrade your Wi-Fi router to one that has 802.11ac.


Oh dear. Just realised, i keep logging in to the 2.4ghz network. The 5G is ac. Sorry, my stupidity


Well. I’m afraid that on my system, even connected to 5g ac the hd stream takes a while to settle down. Once it has done it’s fine. And obviously if I reduce stream quality it’s fine. Maybe I’ll have to think about upgrading my archer C7 !!


Are you having issues even when using Wifi Streaming: Original Quality?

What exactly do you mean by ‘settle down’?

Do you have a similar problem streaming live tv? How about if you enable Tuner Sharing on the settings tab.


Let me check.


I’ve checked live streaming on the LAN with Apple TV and my two ios devices. (iphone 6 and Ipad Air)
They all stream fine. Apple TV plays recordings fine. (wireless for these purposes)
The Ipad and Iphone take about 20secs for the picture to come out of almost slomo. Each time you move the timeline the process starts again.