Stretch to fit broken on Android

half the time it doesn't stretch at all, half the time it stretches too much. I have yet to see it stretch correctly today while watching the Mets game on my phone.

Does it work better in Software decoding mode?

it doesn't work at all in software decoding never stretches if i have the software decoder on. that is actually the same as it has always been.

example of it not stretching at all...

when the channel first loads in portrait mode, it looks like it starts as stretched out but then immediately shrinks to fit horizontally.

same thing if I open the channel in landscape initially is stretched as I would expect it to be (and as it has always been), then shrinks back to the black bars on the sides.

@tmm1 I took a screen record where you can see what I'm talking about. it starts stretched correctly, then shrinks to have the black bars on each side...but I can't upload it here. where should I send it?

@tmm1 any ideas here? it's definitely not a phone issue, Kodi is still able to stretch to fill the entire screen like channels used something changed somewhere (unfortunately I'm not sure exactly when).

any ideas how to get this back working again? it's annoying to not have it use the entire screen area...

@tmm1 it has been a while on this and it still annoys me...any ideas?

Can you clarify if Stretch to Fit setting is On or Off? The default is Off.

With Off, you can see the entire picture correctly centered in both portrait and landscape?

With On, things are getting cropped off and its not filling the screen correctly? Is that right?

What phone are you using and what is the resolution?

Is this happening on your mlb whenever it goes to commercial?

If you can capture a 30-60s DVR recording of this issue, that would be very helpful so we can try to play on our own test devices and see what the behavior is.

i'll try to get you a recording ASAP. i wish i had a recording of the way it used to look, but i can replay it on kodi to show you (because kodi still stretches it completely).

Please test with latest beta.

I think we determined "stretch to fit" advanced option is only useful for some specific 4:3 broadcasts, and forces aspect to 16:9. It should be set to Off.

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the main "issue" i had with it was that i have a phone (galaxy s20+) which i believe is 16x10 resolution at full screen. previously, it would stretch to cover the full screen if stretch to fit was on, which was preferred (for me anyway) even if it was a little distorted because it gave me a little extra screen real estate for watching sports on. at some point, this started shrinking to not only 16x9, but it seemed like even a little smaller than that. that was what seemed off to me.

i'll get you video/screenshots with both what i have and latest data tomorrow.