Strmlinks-Can they point to a web site

Can a strmlink point to a web site instead of an "app"?
If not a strmlink, is there something else that might work?
Example: lets say I want a strmlink for this beach cam shown below,
Yes I know I can pbly find a Custom Channel m3u, but some don't have that or they Expire.
(Spaces in https are done on purpose so it shows).
h t t p s://
So I try this strmlink:
#EXTINF:-1 Channel-id="BeachCam", beach
h t t p s://
It shows in the Guide but does not play, just spinning circle and "reconnecting"
Thanks for any guidance.

What would you expect happen? A web page open?

This isn’t something that an Apple TV can even do, as it has no web technologies.

And on android it would just be a terrible experience. We certainly couldn’t devote time to making the navigation of a webpage be great inside Channels.

In that example I think the best hope is that CDVR is able to determine that the stream to play right now is:

(and if that stream changes in the future, CDVR would still know what to do)

I've no idea of the difficulty involved to incorporate such functionality, or if it would be worth the developer time, just saying as a user, I've set up many similar streaming pages to browse through in Channels, and such a feature would make them easier to add and maintain.

That’s not something we’ll ever be able to do or keep up with.

Yeah, that makes sense too. Thankfully it's easy for us to fix when the URL changes.

I will say I was surprised by tvOS 17 and the addition of FaceTime. I wonder if Safari/WebKit will arrive on tvOS some day…?

Thanks for the replies.
I am just experimenting and learning and trying to determine what I can and can't do with strmlinks.
I would never try to use that to "navigate" on a web page, that was not my intention,
just trying to have an alternative to m3u's, which are fantastic, to view a live video stream,
no navigating in a web page... use a browser for that!!
Thanks again for a great app.

You could use this to point to any website with a streaming video:

Very interesting... but a little too complex for me to try right now.
I still think there should be a way to simply go to a type of Custom Channel "web site" ,
that is a live video stream, as a Custom Channel so it can be recorded,
if its not a live stream, it fails.
If it is a "live stream" it may show a screen with a "Play" button,
pressing the pause/play center button starts the Play.
Thanks for the work.

I know what you mean. I'd love to be able to find a way to incorporate this link into my Channels DVR

Just click a button and BANG you're watching.

This can get you there: BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels

I've tried that but as soon as I started the docker container is stopped.
I have no clue as to what to do to keep it running.

Post in that thread and hopefully someone can help. I'm not using the docker container, I am on an M1 Mac just running the executable.

is there an executable for windows?


But again, this is the wrong thread to be discussing this in. Please direct future questions to the appropriate thread: BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels

thanks for your help

@JoeRich, follow the directions here:

If you are using Windows, note this current issue and how to fix it:

OK Let me take this opportunity to push for something I have mentioned here and elsewhere.
Dynamic Custom Channels.
Lets say you have searched but have not been able to find or discover the m3u for a live stream.
Something like a webcam site for example:
h t t p s://
there IS an m3u that can be sniffed for this site but not all sites allow you to discover the m3u so easily.
In your Custom Channel setup you put in a url like the above that is NOT an m3u,
but simply points to a site that plays a live stream.
The Custom Channels logic notes no .m3u so it searches the url site data for a "video stream" an m3u.
In a nutshell:
IF there is no .m3u in the provided Custom Channel url
THEN look for a "video stream" at the url site provided, (IF none found FAIL).
Substitute that and let the Custom Channel logic play it as usual.
Seems simple??!! Where am i wrong about this, thanks.
This is what Chrome Capture for Channels does as I understand it,
you can actually put in full regular url's, it finds the "video stream" if there is one,
and plays it using Chrome and captures the screen.
I say just do it in Custom Channels and let that logic play it.


Methinks Devs are working on some wholesale big changes.

This is not how it works. Chrome Capture for Channels simply loads the url and:

  1. Makes the video player full screen
  2. Uses chrome browser technology to capture the window and encodes it to a video stream
  3. Channels is able to connect to that stream and show it or record it

It's not employing any sniffing or anything else. It should be made clear that Channels will never do this as it's an impossible task to keep working. Channels provides tools to let you do this yourself and provide it with streams to play back, but it's up to you to find the streams. This is why there's so many third party projects that do it.

Thanks very much for the reply AND explanation.
And another big thanks for the CDVR app.