Studios Sue Omniverse in TV Streaming Crackdown


So much for that? Studios Sue Omniverse in TV Streaming Crackdown

For those who may not be aware: Omniverse is whence Silicon Dust obtains its Premium TV channels.

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Perhaps it is time to give up on SD's Premium TV and go back to the HDHomeRun Prime...


Just WAITING for the Prime 6 to come out...


Can't help but think this ends in one of two ways:

  1. Omniverse doesn't actually have the rights and is forced to shut down.
  2. Omniverse actually does have the rights. The other parties in the Omniverse contract realize they screwed up big time while negotiating it, so they acquire Omniverse and then shut it down to make the problem go away (or they simply pay Omniverse a lot of money in exchange for being released from the contract).

Really, the only way HDHR Premium survives long term is if neither of those two things happen, and HDHR Premium reaches a critical mass where it can negotiate a similarly favorable contract on their own before the Omniverse contract with the cable networks expires.

I love the concept of HDHR Premium and hope it does well, but I think it's likely doomed one way or another.


For over a year!!!


I would love it if Channels could figure out a way to integrate live CATV streams from other providers like DirecTV, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc. What makes HDHR so nice is the way the OTA and CATV content is integrated. Would hate to have to subscribe to a different CATV stremaing service and then have to switch between apps when I want to watch OTA content vs. CATV content.




There are some red flags for sure, the main one being...

Dragon Box sought to move its customers to an alternate service, which it dubbed BlendTV and, later, My TV Hub. Both services were provided by Omniverse, according to the latest allegations

I doubt these studios would go after them if they had a legitimate contract to stream and subcontract those streams. I also doubt SD can afford to negotiate a contract of their own and compete with PSVue, Sling, DirecTv Now.