Stumped(!) DVR Server on Nvidia Shield Setup(?)


We had trouble setting up the DVR Server a few months back, & set it aside b/c a family member had some health problems. So recently we tried again w/ slightly different hardware.
But we still got stuck, trying to "create a path" during the setup.

{Disclaimer: I understand the basics when it comes to A/V, but in regards to Computers I'm a complete novice compared to most of the members of this forum.} :slight_smile:

We tried the example "/Volumes/USB/DVR" but that didn't work (needless to say).
I tried googling & searching this forum but I couldn't find a Setup Guide or Step_by_Step instructions; so here I am. (The following is our current setup):

  • Cox (Cable) TV (+ ISP)
  • Netgear: AC1900 (C6300BD)
  • HDHomeRun: Prime
  • Shield: 16gb (2015)
  • WD: MyBook(4TB) {WDBBGB0040HBK}
  • AppleTV: 4K(32gb)
  • Channels_Plus subscription: Active

All we're trying to do is tryout Channels DVR (Server) w/ TVE login (to see if it is as great as everyone says), before we start saving up for a NAS (considering that seems to be the ideal setup).

Would appreciate any advice or tips.

Thanx 4 reading my post, (I hope I gave some of U a laugh) from this Newb. :wink:

Is the MyBook connected via USB to the SHIELD? Was it formatted as external storage or adopted storage?

If you click /storage on the left on the web UI directory picker, what options are shown on the right?

The MyBook is connected via USB.

I'm not certain if it formatted it, but I avoided adopted/internal storage. (in the Shield settings it has the MyBook listed under "Removable Storage")

When I click on "/storage" (@ http://dvr-shield.local:8089/admin/settings ) it shows 2 folders:

hope that helps.

Okay great. Click the first one (which looks like XXXX-XXXX), then click + and enter DVR. The path should now say:


If it does, hit Save and you should be able to continue to the next step.

Thanks, I think that did the trick!

Then I scanned the HDHR: Prime, then TVE (Cox)

Is there anything else I'm forgetting, or are we all Set(up)?

Sounds like you're all set.

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Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it. :+1:


Glad to hear you're all set and running! Please keep us informed as I have a similar setup as you and have had some issues which I am trying to still totally nail down. I am not sure if it's the Shield or the HDD or a combo of both.

Will do.

(If U don't mind sharing..) specifically what's ur setup?

I'm curious, what kind of issues have U had?

I have an older Shield, I think a 2015 model. I am using it exclusively for Channels DVR as a server. It is located remotely at my house in PA where my daughter lives and goes to college. It has a USB hard drive attached for storage and it is being powered by the USB bus from the Shield itself. In other words, it doesn't have its own power supply, which may have been the partial cause of some of my prior issues. The theory being that the power lagged to the HDD so it didn't write as fast as it should have, causing the memory to fill up since it couldn't dump to the HDD fast enough.

I think I have pretty much fixed this issue since I installed a Y USB cable which allows use of both of the USB ports on the Shield for power, plus I had my daughter delete all apps that she could on the Shield with the exception of the Channels ones of course. I also had her update it to the latest FW/SW version. The combination of these things seems to have alleviated the issues I had (fingers firmly crossed!!!) where my server would crash, memory would go to 99% full, I would be unable to access the server without a full reboot and sometimes having to use special command prompt commands to get it back. Just search my name and you will see it all, if you're brave, haha! :wink:

One big thing I noticed and may be a good indication that things are working well, is that on my Settings page of the web server I now see that my Shield's RAM used to always only show about 10-13% available and now it seems to always show about 25% available.

How has yours been working?

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