Stupid hardware/software question

I read both the NAS Recommendations and the "Hardware Suggestions & Reviews" threads. I think I have settled on the Synology DS218+ NAS for my DVR.

Stupid question 1: I know I would install Channels on it. Does that handle the DVR functions, or do I also need to install Plex?

Stupid question 2: Recording the OTA (from a HDHomeRun Extend) and streaming channels is the only thing this will be doing. From other discussions, I see that the standard 2gb memory is good enough. Is the single "Western Digital Red 4TB NAS Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM" also good enough?

Yes and yes. However, you may want to look into a different drive for DVR purposes, which handle DVR-type situations better; something like a WD Purple drive would suit better. (Seagate/HGST and other vendors also offer DVR drives, too.)

I've been using those (WD40EFRX) in my Synolgy DS1513+ for the last 5 1/2 years, no issues.

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All of this may become a moot point - the WHOLE POINT of trying to find a good DVR solution was so that I could record shows from STREAMING SERVICES (such as SlingTV,, Hulu, Vue, etc).

The recording services offered by the streaming services are horrific. Sling, especially, is horrible since they won't record ESPN (and their affiliate channels) AT ALL. Recording sports is the reason DVR was invented!

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I have a 218+. Great NAS for streaming. I do not run plex on but use infuse to stream videos. Spend a another $25 and get the RAM upgrade. I am running a pair of striped WD red 3tbs in it.

To record TVE, your best bet is PlayStation Vue. Add Philo if you need Viacom. [email protected] can't be recorded since they don't offer a live stream.

Also, while you can use just one drive, that gives you no redundancy. If your drive fails all your recordings will be lost. For this reason it’s recommended to use two drives so you can tolerate a failure. Obviously that doubles your drive cost, so weigh that with how upset you would be if all of your recordings vanish overnight.

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It only took one time for me: It was Hell.

Luckily I did have the Movies folder separately backed up (most important to us) but lost a few recent “TV” recordings.

Learned my lesson, added the full back drive ASAP.

Thanks for effectively “closing” your previous thread and re-posting your last enquiry here without the “Sling” reference.

However, again too many questions so this thread will be become as hard to follow...with multiple “Excellent Answers” but only to your original 1 & 2.

Since you obviously did investigate “Sling” & found it wouldn’t accomplish your goal.
And it’s a PITA to have to investigate every TVE provider.

Suggest you begin a additional thread in TVE (Everywhere):

“Which TVE - Provider offers “Recording” of Sports” (specifically on: MLB, ESPN,*)

...*Your choice(s) of which broadcasts(s) you desire.

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One more thought: You might want to change to NON-Cable TVE...

Suggest you begin a additional thread in TVE (Everywhere):

“Which TVE - Provider offers “Recording” of Sports” (specifically on: MLB, ESPN,*)

...*Your choice(s) of which broadcasts(s) you desire.

I have pretty much figured that part out. The streaming services I am going with is a combo of, Philo, & getting a different antenna for OTA.

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Great news!

Please be sure to post back in 1-2 weeks with your impressions of system.

Lots of posters here...great communication.

If you get You tube tv you can't watch or record TBS TNT CNN, Cartoon Network or other Warner media.

Richard: What are you talking about? I just logged on to my account, went to TNT, picked a show that will be on later in the day, clicked on the "+" sign, and it told me "your show will be recorded when it airs".

Or are you saying that those channels can't be recorded to my NAS box after I get it set up?

No. Channels doesn't record from You tube tv. It records from tv Everywhere and YouTube tv doesn't have access to those channels. Also you won't be able to record [email protected] from Philo.

Ah,... I'm getting it now (slowly). Now the chart at is making a bit more sense.

I used the website in order to narrow down my streaming choices based on what channels I watch. I wish it would include the ability to include the recording option from tv-everywhere-apps (kind of a merger of the 2 charts).

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That's Why I suggested Vue they seem to have Tv everywhere support for every channel they carry. You tube tv has a better DVR, but that is irrelevant if you are Using Channels.

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I just went through . Oddly enough, it looks like if I get my antenna fixed, Sling (the entire $60 package) has EVERYTHING I want to watch

(Vue is missing a boatload of the channels I watch)

plus every single channel is available to TVE and can be recorded on a standalone DVR.

Am I correct here?

Sling has Terrible tv everywhere support

I have Sling Blue & Orange (w/lifestyle add-on for Hallmark) and to give you an idea of Sling’s limitations, here are the only TV Everywhere channels that I get (I just confirmed these as of this morning):

MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Syfy, E, Bravo, Oxygen, NGC, NGWild, FX, FXX, ESPN, ESPN2, Olympics, NBCSN, NFL, FS1, and FS2.

I used to get Fox News and Fox Business, but someone on their end must’ve caught their mistake.

Also used to get the Fox Sports Regionals but Sling lost them and I’m not very hopeful of them coming back (not sure if that applies to your area).

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