Stuttering issue on Premium TV


I'm having similar stuttering issues with Channels. Love the app, but trying to get rid of my cable package and using Channels with OTA and HDHomeRun Premium channels. I have an HDHomeRun Extend.

I'm currently having issues watching Monday Night Football on ESPN. It stops and then starts every 2 to 3 seconds. When I ran the speedtest, I got a few results below...

Download - 59.63 Mbit/s
Latency - 18.59 ms
Jitter - 6.65 ms

Download - 58.51Mbit/s
Latency - 15.97 ms
Jitter - 5.53 ms

Download - 56.64 Mbit/s
Latency - 14.76 ms
Jitter - 6.08 ms

Trouble watching LIVE TV - jitters and lags

What device and version of the app?


Apple TV 4K
Channels DVR 3.2.10


Please go to the bottom of the Settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics



Also checked speedtest again tonight. Having same issue watching the Wash St. vs Colorado game on ESPNU.

Download - 58.69 Mbit/s
Latency - 8.19 ms
Jitter - 9.15 ms

Download - 76.79 Mbit/s
Latency - 10.06 ms
Jitter - 8.60 ms


Does it help if you pause for 30s and then play?


No, I tried that too. I tried rebooting the ATV 4K and that didn't help either.

I haven't changed anything and now watching the game with no stutter at all. Not sure what's different now than 30 minutes ago.

Download - 69.75 Mbit/s
Latency - 13.67 ms
Jitter - 4.06 ms


Your LAN bandwidth is great so I don't think that's the problem.

Have you tried the HDHR app on any device to see if it has the same issue. It could be something on the Premium TV server side that is affecting only people in your area.


Ok, if I experience the stutter again. I'll try the HDHR app.

What should I be looking for in terms of a "good" latency or jitter value?


Where exactly are you running the test? I assume from a computer to the Apple TV?

Premium TV uses only a few megabit so the LAN speeds don't matter too much. You should check an internet speed test too via to confirm there's plenty of bandwidth upstream on the WAN.


Yes, running the test from my iMac that's running the Channels Server DVR to the ATV 4K.

So you are saying that my internal network should be sufficient for moving the Premium TV video across devices within my local network. But, the download speed to my house/router is more important for Premium TV. If that speed is lower, then users would experience the stuttering.


Correct. I assume you're having no issues with antenna channels right?


Looks like this is a confirmed problem occurring on HDHR Premium TV servers:

Problem confirmed. Upstream is having issues. We are pushing to get it resolved.



Thanks, I'll keep an eye on this forum as well.