Stuttering video


On the Apple TV, make sure "Tuner Sharing: Off" and "Home Streaming Quality: Original" then play a live TV channel and see if it stutters.

On the exact same Apple TV, use the free VLC or InstaTV app and see if the same live TV channel stutters.


It stutters using the VLC app.


That points to a Wi-Fi issue at your Apple TV.

Try running some speed tests on the Apple TV (via speedtest app) or via another device (Frequently Asked Questions)


So here's something interesting. The speed using the method in the FAQ you linked is...

Download: 1.43Mbit/s
Latency: 21.98ms
Jitter: 12.66ms

Using the speed test website on my computer (Wifi, same room as AppleTV), it's significantly higher.


I manually adjusted the DNS settings to match my laptop. We'll see how that goes.


1.4mbps is awful and explains all your issues.

DNS Settings do not affect bandwidth. If you have 2.4ghz and 5ghz Wi-Fi try switching to 5ghz.

Also you should consider hardwiring your devices so you can get 1000mbps.


It seems to have rectified. The speed is now significantly higher. What's interesting, though, is I never experience(d) any issues on the AppleTV outside of Channels. Just fine using Netflix, HBO Go, etc.


The hdhomerun video streams use much more bandwidth than any internet video streaming apps.


There was extensive stuttering, about every 5 seconds on my recordings. I switched to EyeTV so the stuttering stopped. A few days ago, I tried Channels again and the stuttering had stopped. It sounds like a problem on your end. Thanks for fixing it.