Subtitles / Closed Captioning

When watching shows that recorded on channels. I get garbled CC, parts of words. Lots of punctuation in the middle of words and often just random hodge podge of letters.

I've tested it with a few shows from HDHR and recorded from Philo. 75% of the subtitles in my shows recorded from channels does not seem to work.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, but never with a solid picture, only when the picture was breaking up as well.

I'll grab screen shots tonight. Video/audio quality is fine.

You mention both OTA and TVE sources; does the CC issue occur on recordings from both, or just OTA. You also mentioned recordings, but have you checked while playing live? Have you checked the logs? (The comskip logs include the detected CCs in plain text.)

I noticed this when playing through my Shield with Kodi as a front end. I started extracting the CC to a .srt file with CCExtractor (I scripted it, so it is automatically done), and it is much better now. You might want to try extracting one that you know is bad, just to see if the srt file is better. This assumes Channels DVR player supports srt files (I don't play back through the Channels app).

Sidecar SRT files are supported for imported content, but not with recordings.