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Just installed new beta release that included an enhancement to select forced subtitles automatically. From my experience this doesn’t seem to work when using the channel surfing function, up and down buttons on the remote. For example if watching a channel with forced subtitles, then press up or down on remote to navigate to another channel, the subtitles are retained on for the other channel, that doesn’t have forced subtitles.

I also find this happens where the auto PIP function is used on live tv. This feature only seems to work if I stop the program source from playing, then select another channel via the guide. Of course that means turning of the auto PIP feature on live tv.

Which channels are you finding forced subtitles on? I've never seen such a thing and these are usually just subtle tracks from movies you've backed up from your own disks.

Hi, sorry I should have explained that the channel containing a movie with a forced subtitle track was a virtual one, so the source was from my local archive as opposed to a genuine OTA channel.

However the issue remains, when using the channel surf via up and down buttons, so navigation from the virtual channel to an OTA channel subtitles are left on.

I’m guessing the subtitle is not being reset somehow when using this navigation method. Also as explained previously if the auto PIP feature is in use.

Gotcha, thanks. We'll look into this.

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Please submit diagnostics after tuning into the virtual channel with the forced subtitles


Just switched from a virtual channel containing a forced sub track, which was correctly selected by default, then used channel surf up button to navigate to OTA channel and subs are on. They should not be.

Diagnostic log submitted submitted as 1f8f915f-c29a-479d-802a-6ab269425d4a. Please sel

Great! Just installed the new beta and this has resolved the issue! Excellent service and response thanks guys.