Subtitles question

Sorry if this is covered somewhere, but I couldn't find my exact scenario that I am running into.

I can't seem to find a way to select a specific subtitle for a movie in the Android App on the Shield TV. Is this even possible?

My usage is this: Watching IP Man with the original dialogue in Chinese and English subtitles. However, when I select the Chinese language, it doesn't play the English subtitles. I have them as seperate files in the same folder with the video.

SRT files are currently not supported.

Can you share the filenames for the movie and the subtitle files?

Sidecar/sideloaded subtitles are not supported at this moment. You can remux the video to add the subtitle files into the container, and Channels will then offer them for display.

Ok, thanks. Using MKVTooknix perhaps? Will that cause transcoding like with Emby or Plex (it's actually why I use seperate subs).

Sure, or Ffmpeg, or whichever tool you prefer.

Not sure. I don't use Emby; with Plex, local playback does not transcode, but not sure about remote ...

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Sure - I have it like this: Ip Man 4 (2019)\Ip Man 4.mkv with the subtitle file in the same folder with the video named Ip Man 4 (2019)

Ok, thanks

See BETA: Imported Content Extras (Trailers & Subtitles)

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Dude! You guys rock!
I will check it as soon as I can!