Subtitles via the apple TV remote app

The apple TV Remote app has a button in the middle of the screen in which one is supposed to turn on/off subtitles. This button will work in paramount+ if auto subtitles is selected. Is there a way to get this button to work with Channels DVR.

Here is a link to the apple TV app image.

It works from the control center remote.

Not sure why the app doesn't work. It seems like a bug on apple's side.

I believe the Remote app for iOS has been discontinued. It’s no longer available on the App Store.

Apple has moved forward with just the control center remote.

Maybe I'm confused in what trying to explain. I swipe down from the upper right of my Iphone screen and select the remote icon. That is how I get the remote screen. selecting the icon in between the +10 and -10 icons seems like it should toggle the subtitles. It does not toggle the subtitles for me.

I have never seen the CC button built into the control center remote ever work with channels.

It only works from the now playing widget

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Thanks!! I can live with that!! It would be handy if it could work with the remote but considering that other apps mostly don't work with the remote it seems it may be somewhat difficult to enable??