Suggestions for organizing Movies?

Newbie here. My collection of Movies currently is by folder named for the movie, with the contents of the folder inclusive of the main video for the movies, but including alternate scenes, interviews, trailers, cover art, etc.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to abandon this folder approach and do something different so that Channels can present the movies for browsing (with thumbnails) featuring only the main titles, and the extra content per movie not showing at all, or only show when I choose to see all content.

Here are a couple ideas I've thought of ..

  1. Have branch of my Movies folder containing only the main title and have a separate shadow directory of just the extras. Import only the main titles folder.

  2. Leave the folders as they are but mark all the main titles as Favorite. Then use a Favorite filter most of the time, but clear that filter if I do want to see everything.

Other ideas? Something maybe to do with metadata to facilitate displaying only the main titles? What has worked well for you?

Can you provide an example of your current structure and explain what's not working about it for you

Not sure if I can state it any more clearly, but I'll try to explain.

Much of my movie collection is DVD rips of my DVD and Blu-Ray DVDs. As such, there is generally one file that is the movie proper, and then many other video files which are deleted scenes, alternate endings, the trailer, cast interviews, etc.

I want to keep all this content together, but on the other hand, would prefer that when I browse Movies in Channels I just want to see the main feature and not have clutter that I would rarely watch. Something along the lines of Hidden might be close, but it would be even better if the "extras" weren't visible at all on the main Movies browse, but if you select a specific movie, that info page would indicate that Extras for this title exist, and then you could select one for play from there. Something like that.

At the moment, I've got one directory tree for Movies and a parallel directory tree for Movies - Extras. The first I have cataloged. The second is not.

Channels already scans in Extras like trailers when they're in a specific format. If you can share the format you're using with specific examples that will help.

For example: