Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night Football

So I'd like to record these specific episodes of football every week. I know I can record specific teams and I do already for my home team. However I do like to watch those other games if it's a good rivalry game and they typically are.

I don't seem to be able to find a way to record those . . . well I have . . . but I can't find the seriesid for each of them.

Is there a site where I can look those up? I've tried TheTVDB a little with no luck - I'll keep digging but if anyone has them or can point me to a better place to look . . . I'd appreciate it!!



Can't you search and then setup a regular series pass?

They don’t have unique series. They’re all just NFL Football.

I’d do an advance pass that starts with a normal NFL Football pass, and add an advanced rule to only record airings that start after 7pm. That would cover just those games.


That's a nice way of thinking outside the box! And doing that got me to schedule all of them even tho I wasn't able to do it as you suggested.

When I selected Time I could only use Contains or Excludes . . . even tho other options like >, < and == did exist in the dropdown. Like for Sunday Night Football I had to search in the Summary for Sunday Night and then it was able to schedule the correct recording, but Thursday Night Football has a different Summary that does not include Thursday Night. So I had to use time and then the rule was "contains" and "Thursday"

Were you expecting me to be able to use > then?



I added Monday Night Football With Peyton and Eli to the TMDB for Plex integration.