Superman and Lois on CW

Is a great new show! You should all record it on your DVRs.


Good to know. It's sitting in my DVR right now. Haven't gotten to it yet.

I love Superman... I just don’t know if I love * this * Superman. I am a huge fan of The Flash, and he keeps showing up there. I’m willing to give it a try, though...

So, does everyone know Clark Kent is Superman?

Is he ? :grinning:

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I knew I worded that wrong, lol. Everyone on the show?
I'm confused, this isn't Grimm?

No only family knows and lois's father.

And when they do cross-overs, you'll add the Luthors, the Flash, many of the others at Star Labs, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and her family, most of the Legends (if not all), and on and on …

Its a cool idea because, for the first episode, Lois and Clark's two teenage boys didn't know. But one of them starts to realize something after a deadly accident happens and doesn't kill him.

Then they find out who their father really is. And one boy actually has some superman-like ability.

And Wolverine, Thor, and Spiderman, and Optimus Prime!

That'd be comical, except every example you is not a DC property ...

That was the point :slight_smile: