Support touching timeline for FWD/RWD control on mobile

I don't know of any other video player that doesn't allow you to touch a point in the timeline and automatically start playing from that point, instead of having to continually pressing the 30 sec skip button 100 times.

A time indicator would be nice too, instead of just a line of where you are in the recording. Like 33 minutes through a 60min recording.

And although not a huge deal, but I think it would make much more sense to put the progress bar and skip/rewind area at the bottom of the screen when on a mobile, as I think it's more practical for people's fingers. Not sure if it makes any sense to move for non-mobile devices.

What device are you talking about

You can drag the play head on the timeline.

Android on Galaxy S10+.

I did just try dragging, and it worked fine. Although typically you wouldn't have to drag and you could just tap a spot on the timeline and the video would advance to that point in time. So when then failed, I figured it didn't support this. I wouldn't have thought to drag it.

So it works, just not all that intuitive. And some kind of indication of how many minutes you are into a recording would be nice (more than just the spot within the timeline).