Surprise - Some Big Ten BB Tournament games in 4K on Comcast and TVE

I created a couple advanced passes to find nearly every college basketball tournament game from which I could choose to record. There were few surprises other than the occasional padding setting seeming to reset to default, but the big one was that a number of Big Ten Tournament games recorded in 4K (Video details showed 3840 x 2160, picture was notably sharper in detail, and some of them have been very difficult to play and even tougher to edit).

I recorded from Comcast Cable via the HDHomeRun and TVE, and most of the Big Ten Tournament games were recorded at 1280 x 720 just as during the regular season. However, I noticed a few recordings that had notably larger file sizes and didn't play properly to our Sony Android TV. I used MediaInfo to learn that several were in 3840 x 2160 resolution using the HVEC codec. I was unable to edit them with VideoRedo, which usually has no problem with 4K HVEC files. They got VideoRedo's "HEVC 10-bit video support is limited and will be recoded to 8-bit when saved" notice upon opening, but when trying to save VideoRedo crashed. Also, the player made the video appear as thought the gamma was turned way up (greatly faded picture).

Opening them in VLC also disappointing and when they DID display properly they wouldn't really play at anything faster than about half speed, often eventually crashing.

I ended up just not recording games off of the Big Ten Network because they were more trouble than I thought they were worth, but it does seem that they're at least attempting to make them happen. I just wish there was a way for me to get the 720 and 1080 resolution programs until they work properly.

If they are from tve, do you have the experimental box unchecked? They play well for me. Maybe you need to change the decoder in the app.

Hmmm, I don't see that option in my "Experimental" list. Here's what mine looks like:

I forgot mention, the 4K looks good on my Samsung phone and Samsung tablet, but doing any kind of skipping is hit or miss and can require a restart.

Update to the latest pre-release.