Surround sound goes out on OTA

I just submitted diagnostics on this. I use a 5.1 soundbar (it’s pretty good). When watching OTA TV with the channels app when I leave a channel and go to another one, sometimes the center audio goes out (the track with actual voice). So you only hear background noise. I watch a fair amount of football/sports and tend to flip between games.

I use the picture-in-picture feature and I think I can hear the center channel go out when I’m interacting with that.

I have to force-quit the app (double tap the top left button on remote and then swipe up) to get the Channels app to close then re-start. It works after the restart.

System is on a 2020 Apple TV 4K. I use the HDHomeRun ATSC 3.0 turner.

Any ideas?

This is fixed in the beta app

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