Surround Sound Not Working on Nvidia Shield

I'm seeing a surround sound issue on my Nvidia Shield. Noticed that my Shark Tank recording which lists as DD5.1 was playing as stereo on my receiver even though I have surround set to on in the Channels app.

In the Shield settings you can force to Dolby Digital so I tried that. It now shows Dolby Digital + on my receiver but there's still nothing coming out of the left/right rear channels.

Saw a similar issue in the Apple TV forum when I searched but posting in the proper forum.

Does View Details on the recording show 6 channels?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'view details'.... but when I look at the show information inside Channels it shows as DD5.1, but I don't know if that's just from the guide info.

When I look at the file itself in MediaInfo, the first audio stream is:

English, 384 kb/s , 48.0 kHz, 6 Channels, AC-3 (Dolby Digital)

Where is the feed from? OTA, TVE, Locast?

Verizon FIOS via HDHomeRun Prime.

Something weird is going on with these Shark Tank recordings above and beyond this. I have 3 episodes recorded. When I was trying to get tmm1 the info, I went into the web interface and tried to play the files in there. They wouldn't play and essentially hung.

Now in the Android app it only shows 2 of the 3 episodes and when I try to play them it says "Playback Failed". Not sure if this is related or not to the audio issue, but I can no longer test these files in the app.

When I play these shows via VLC on my Shield, they play fine and I hear plenty of surround sound.

Okay, looks like the DB is corrupt.... it's looking for in the .log:

Recording 4043 (TV\Shark Tank\Shark Tank S11E24 2020-05-15-2000.mpg) missing: CreateFile L:\Channels\TV\Shark Tank\Shark Tank S11E24 2020-05-15-2000.mpg: The system cannot find the file specified.

The files in the folder are:

Shark Tank S12E11 2021-01-22-2000.mpg
Shark Tank S12E12 2021-02-05-2000.mpg
Shark Tank S12E13 2021-02-12-2000.mpg

How do I refresh the DB so it has the right file names?

I tried to restore the DB, that didn't work... still had the old S11 episodes.

I ended up moving the files out and importing them as my own content... and played them that way.

I don't know if any changes I made with the Shield settings had an effect, but I am hearing content in the rear channels now so I guess.this item can be closed. I'll keep an eye on it an experiment with some settings to see if I can figure things out.