Surround Sound Option, Siri commands, Sports Commentators stops

Weird, we use Siri commands to control lighting, etc

While watching Tv, this evening it was CBS’s Sunday night football, I would use Siri to say a command, when it returned to the game I couldn’t hear the commentators calling the game

Quit the app or force it to close and most times going back in reset it and all was fine.

I tried both default and experimental audio driver, same effect.

Then, while in the settings I noticed the “surround sound” option was turned on and thought that might do something to the voice track so I turned it off, and not sure why I had it on, I send audio to my receiver anyway so wasn’t needed … turning surround sound in the setting of the channels app fixed it, went back to the game and no issues using Siri commands. Turned surround sound back and loss of the commentators voice track happened again after issuing a Siri command.


Are you using the release version of the app or beta? There were some fixes recently that fix the center channel disappearing in some cases. I don’t think they have made it to full release yet but are in the beta.

Thanks, I’m using the full release, not interested in the beta world

PS. For me I’m glad I stumbled on turning off surround sound, didn’t need it anyway since all audio passes through my receiver where I can control that there

If you could try the beta build and verify it's fixed that would be very helpful.

You’ve helped me so many times, how could I refuse ? :slight_smile:

But I have no experience in the beta world, no idea where to start so could you point me in the right direction ?

Click the button on from iPhone or iPad and it will guide you to install TestFlight. Install TestFlight on your Apple TV from App Store and it will show the beta app

Thanks, looks pretty straight forward

Wife is watching Adele special right now so likely be tomorrow

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Well I was able to figure out how to get the beta going but now its Monday night and no football broadcast to test this with the beta

The issue I was having only happened with the CBS football broadcasts, where the commentators sound track would go silent. Regular programming did not produce the problem, I assume this is really something with the broadcast audio format unique to football broadcasts ?

Anyway I will now have to wait for the next CBS broadcast to be able to test this

I found a saved recording of a CBS NCAA football game from a few weeks ago.

I went to the normal app, turned surround sound on, watched the recording, executed a couple Siri commands, and like before, the voice track of the commentators went silent, you could hear the rest of the stadium sounds. Then I turned surround sound off, and repeated the above, no issues, no dropped voice track. This just shows I can still turn this on and off, like before

Then I went to the beta version of the app and repeated the above. No voice track problems with and without surround sound turned on while using Siri commands.

Hope this helps


Just to confirm, is the beta app working correctly with both drivers?

Hmmm, good question, I think you mean with both “audio” drivers.

I went back in there and noticed the prior test I did was using the experimental audio driver. I switched back to default audio driver - the beta app worked fine with surround sound turned on - no loss of voice track


Just tested again watching CBS’s Alabama-Arkansas game - beta app, surround on, tried both experimental and default drivers, no loss of commentator voice track at all when using Siri commands

On default audio driver, still got reverb while holding down remote voice command button issuing Siri commands

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Forgot to mention I downloaded the latest beta app before rerunning my test