With Locast's demise I got a HDHR Flex 4k setup to get my locals. Previously only had Locast and TVE so nothing streaming with surround. However the HDHR channels are showing 6 as 6 channel audio in Show Stats. Trying with AGT on NBC tonight, however my sound bar surround system is only showing 2 channel audio, from both the ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 channels. Surround is turned on in advanced settings. I don't see a test surround option in the Android app. Is there any way I can test it out? I get surround from all the other Android apps on my TV (Netflix, Hulu, etc). Diagnostics submitted if it helps.

Which android device?

Sony x900h TV.

Vizio sound bar connected via arc.

Does the official HDHR app give you surround sound

Preliminary testing it does not seem to be. I'll test more tomorrow.

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Was able to do a little testing. So even though the HDHR channels seem to show 5.1 sound, my sound bar isn't reporting 5.1 with either the HDHR Android TV app or with Channels Android TV app (beta), just ac3 2.0. To test further, I played an imported movie that I know has 5.1, and it played in Channels with 5.1 sound.

So the question I have is why does Show Stats in Channels show the audio as 6 channel even though it doesn't seem to be?

You can make a recording off each channel and inspect with mediainfo and other tools. It sounds like they're transmitting 6 channels of audio but 4 are empty.

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I know some Channels clients can select the audio track, have you tried selecting a different one?
Usually it's 5.1 for the main audio track and one or more 2.0 audio tracks.

Good thought, however I only seem to have English or Spanish as language options. Choosing English stats shows 6 channels, but picking Spanish it drops to 2. This is on any of the locals that I try. It's probably as Aman suggests.

Think I figured it out. It's the ATSC3.0 channels and my TV. I found this post over on SiliconDusts forum: AC-4 Audio? - Page 10 - Silicondust

If the Sony X900H relies on the Android media player API, the TV will need to be on Android 10 (Q) or newer to support AC-4. It may come with the ATSC 3.0 tuner turning on, or separately.

I am getting audio, but just 2 channels. I tried an ATSC 1.0 channel and immediately my sound bar switched to 5.1. Guess I just need to wait a bit longer on 3.0.

I was in your same boat with the same tv. I bought an appletv and everything works perfect now. I haven't opened an app on the 900H in over a year. I couldn't be happier now :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello just got a new TV, Hisense U7G. Not sure what version of Android 10 it is. Can also confirm AC3 surround not working via Android TV Apps(HDHR and Channels) with optical out. HDHR App does not even display an option for AC3 Passthrough(version 20210902). Also some Android streaming apps not passing Dolby Digital either to my AV Receiver, just stereo.
I moved a 4k FireTV Stick and HDHR and Channels will pass-through AC3 Surround to my AVR. That shows older HDHR version 20210820.

Was hoping to just use Android TV; but as @slampman commented, might need to breakdown and add another streaming device to a smart TV.... :frowning:

If you’re serious about your TV, you should just use a steaming device. Smart TVs might have the same platforms on them, but they’re completely starved of cpu and ram and are generally a terrible experience. It’s a real shame.

If it’s just a casual TV, then it can work. But if it’s your main TV, I couldn’t suggest it more.

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@maddox, better answer is multiple streaming devices since each one has it's own quirks. :wink: I have so many streaming devices from the original AppleTV to even a Facebook PortalTV. With a 2021 Android TV, was hoping I did not have to buy another FireTV or AppleTV; nope not the case..... Like you stated, what a shame. Everyone of my other TVs, smart or not, have streaming(s) devices.